Since its inception in 1970, Al Merakhi management always emphasis on quality of product and services as the top most requirement of business. The formal recognition of the fully coordinated quality management system was achieved in 1996 in the form of ISO 9001, the most prestigious international standard. We are in pursuit of total quality management to excel quality of product and services and thereby increasing the level of customer’s satisfaction.

Strong Culture of Teamworks

Al Meraikhi Group respects its employees as a principle assists and believes that only satisfied employees can satisfy customer’s expectation and requirements through effective teamwork.

Financial Stability

Al Meraikhi Group hold very strong financial support and its continuous growth in assets and investment in other business sectors provide additional stability.

Increasing Profitability

Each of member organization work as a individual profit centre. It is paramount important to achieve higher profitability in order to continuous growth and development of the group. Business re-engineering, total quality management, smart working style enabling us to reduce unit cost of production and increasing margin of profit.